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When it comes Persian rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and commercial rug cleaning, our company is the best in the city. Our professional rug cleaning services are used by thousands of people and companies every month. Why? It's because we provide the best rug cleaning services in Westchester. In fact, Rug Cleaning Service Westchester is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the rug cleaning business. Call our number today to learn more: 914-888-1346 !

When you need quick carpet cleaning in Westchester (or top notch rug cleaning service), you just get in touch with us. We will send our experts to pick up the rugs and will clean them in no time. Our experts specialize in cleaning all types of rugs. We can handle all sizes and all colors. Of course, don't hesitate to order our commercial rug cleaning or area rug cleaning services if you operate a company. Your rugs will smell amazing and will look gorgeous after we're done cleaning them.

All Rugs Are Hand-washed

Did you know that our experienced cleaners hand-wash each and every rug? Yes, we even wash area rugs by hand. You may be wondering why we chose the hard way to clean these items. The answer is pretty simple actually: hand-washing does not damage the fabric and does not affect the colors.

Industrial washing machines, on the other hand, can significantly damage a rug. This is precisely why we don't use them. Moreover, we inspect each rug and carpet to determine the optimal washing procedure and the safest cleaning products. This guarantees that your items will never be damaged during the cleaning and drying process.

Certified Rug Cleaning Experts

Did you know that our experts are all certified and insured? We have invested a lot of time and money into training our rug cleaners. This means our clients get top notch rug cleaning services each and every time they come to us. Furthermore, it ensures that all the rugs and carpets we clean are not damaged in any way. Furthermore, you can rely on our awesome professionals for expert rug repair and rug restoration procedures.


Rug Cleaning Benefits – Rug Cleaning Service Westchester

Do you know all the benefits of a rug cleaning procedure done right? Probably not. Here are just some of the main benefits of working with us:

You don't have to worry about damage

We remove the most difficult stains

Industry leading quality control

Through inspection procedure

We clean any type of rug

All bacteria is removed

Affordable rug cleaning in Westchester

We extend your rug's life

All allergens are removed

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Your Rugs Are Safe With Us

Yes, your rugs are 100% safe with us. Remember, each and every professional who works for us is bonded and insured. Our processes are also 100% safe (we hand-wash all items). You shouldn't worry about any damage – guaranteed.

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